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Retainers are an important part of orthodontic care. Therefore, it’s important to keep them safe! Using the right retainer case is one of the easiest ways to protect your device. Below, we’ll share our tips for choosing a retainer case, as well as other easy ways to keep your device in good condition.

Is The Case Really That Important?

Your retainer case matters more than you might think. Retainers need a specially-designed container to keep them safe and clean when not in use. Using the wrong container might damage your device, or lead to unpleasant bacteria buildup. Your case is also a great way to keep track of your retainer when it’s not in your mouth. Having a safe, designated storage spot will make you less likely to lose your device!

Choosing the Right Retainer Case

Choose a case made of hard plastic or another non-toxic, durable material. The case should feature a secure closure and also promote good air circulation with small pre-made holes. Finding a retainer case is simple, because your orthodontist will usually have a supply that you can choose from!

Buying Your Own Case

Don’t like your orthodontist’s selection? You can also buy a retainer case online. Just be sure to do your research. The case needs to be protected and also made of high-quality materials. While there are plenty of DIY projects online, we don’t recommend trying to make your own container. Stick with the store-bought or orthodontist-provided options.

Caring For Your Case

It’s important to keep your container in good condition, just like your retainer itself. Regularly rinse and dry your case to prevent odors and bacteria. Also be sure to replace the container if it is broken, warped, or beginning to show signs of wear.

Your Orthodontist Can Help

If you have questions or concerns about your retainer, then call your orthodontist. He or she can check your device and make sure everything is functioning properly. Your orthodontist can also give you tips to make wearing a retainer easier. For easy and convenient orthodontics in the Houston Area, call Adventure Orthodontics today!

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