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Braces are foreign entries that take up space in your otherwise comfortable mouth. Putting them on and living with them can be a task. Cuts in gum and cheeks are often collateral damage, which is where dental wax comes in handy. So, let’s learn more about what kind of wax is used after braces and how to use them.

What Is Meant By Wax For Braces?

Braces wax or dental wax is meant for use after getting braces for the first time. It is specifically designed to get rid of pain caused due to rubbing your braces into the soft mucosal mouth tissues.

Basically, it acts as a barrier between the metal wires of your braces and your inner mouth cavity. The deliberate contact break of your braces to the mouth prevents tissue damage.

Step-Wise Guide To Put Wax On Your Braces

  1. With clean, washed hands, take a small part of your wax, around the size of a chickpea.
  2. Now, roll it into a ball in your fingers to soften it up.
  3. Squeeze the softball into a thick disk of wax.
  4. Now rub the wax over your bracket that’s irritating your inner cheek or mouth, and push it around with your finger. You can also make use of your tongue to do that.

Tips To Effectively Use Dental Wax

  • You can let the wax on the bracket all night if necessary.
  • Make sure you modify your diet for the initial few days to accommodate the new entry. Take liquids or soft foods with the wax on.
  • Always get in touch with your dentist in case the wire comes out, and you secure it using this wax.
  • When it’s time, make sure to get all the dental wax with your fingers or a toothbrush.
  • Do not forget to floss and brush your teeth before putting on the ball of wax to have a fresh, clean surface and no plaque residue against your tooth.

What Not To Do With A Dental Wax

  1. Make sure you do not take too much dental wax at once since it can create difficulties while chewing or talking.
  2. Never use the same piece of wax again. Throw it away immediately after removal.
  3. Don’t let the same piece of wax be on your braces for more than two days. It has the ability to trap plaque against your teeth within itself.
  4. Try not to eat with wax in your mouth; your food will get stuck.
  5. Stay calm and composed in case you do not know what to do with dental wax on your braces. It is a natural substance, so it should pass out naturally from your body.
  6. When it is time, try not to remove the wax using a sharp or pointed object like a fork or toothpick.

Dental Wax and Emergencies?

Dental wax eases minor irritation. So, In case your irritation or dental pain gets worse or does not get better within a few days, get in touch with a professional immediately.

Final Words

You must note that your dental wax will not relieve throbbing tooth pain but will work to ease minor irritation and prevent further complications like wear and tear. It. If you want to know more about this option, feel free to call us at (281) 353-5556, professionals from Adventure Orthodontics in Spring, Texas, are here for you.

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