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Does your child have a slanted smile? While slanted teeth might seem like an unusual dental issue, they’re a more common problem than you might think. So what exactly causes a slanted smile- and what can be done to fix it? Read on to learn about the causes and treatment options for slanted, tilted or lopsided teeth.

What Causes Slanted Teeth?

Slanted teeth can be caused by several different issues. Of course, for some people, it’s simply a matter of genetics. Different teeth positions, jaw shapes, and bite alignments can all influence where each tooth naturally falls. For some patients, this can lead to teeth that appear to be slanted or tilted to one side. If your child sucks their thumb, finger, or another comfort object, this can also influence the tooth alignment, though this isn’t the case for all children.

Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For

When a child first begins to grow permanent teeth, it can be hard for parents to tell if the teeth will be properly aligned or not. However, parents can look for subtle signs of tooth misalignment even while their children are young. If you notice that your child has issues speaking, swallowing, or biting down properly as their permanent teeth grow in, then talk to your dentist or orthodontist. You should also consult a dental professional if your child was (or still is) a frequent thumbsucker.

Treatment Options

Slanted teeth might seem like a complex issue. Luckily though, they are usually easy to treat using conventional orthodontics, such as braces or clear aligners. In some cases, additional orthodontic appliances, such as a bite plate or palette expander, might also be needed. Early intervention can make this process shorter and easier, so be sure to see an orthodontist as soon as you have concerns about your child’s tooth alignment.

Orthodontics in Spring, TX

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