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You’re ready for braces- but your teeth might have other plans. Some patients need special devices in order to prepare their teeth for the job ahead. Spacers are commonly used to prepare teeth for orthodontics. So who needs spacers for braces- and are they really necessary? Read on to get the facts on spacers for braces.

What Are Spacers?

Spacers are small, circular bands that are placed between the teeth. They look like tiny rubber bands. As the name implies, spacers create- well, space- between certain teeth, usually molars. During braces treatment, the molars are fitted with metal bands. Spacers make a gap in the mouth to make these bands fit comfortably.

Who Needs Spacers For Braces Treatment?

The molar bands anchor your entire set of braces. These bands look like rings and are fitted around the tooth. In order for the rings to fit, there must be a small gap between these teeth. However, many patients do not naturally have this gap. Spacers are a quick, easy way to make little extra room.

My Spacers Hurt- Is This Normal?

You might feel a little pressure or pinch while your orthodontist is installing your spacers. You might also feel a little discomfort in the days after your spacers are fitted. Both are completely normal. However, talk to your orthodontist if the pain is intense or lasts more than a few days. If you are nervous about pain, then ask your orthodontist about over-the-counter pain relievers.

Learn More About Spacers For Braces

While spacers are a very common tool, they can still be scary for a lot of patients. Dr. Bar and the rest of the Adventure Orthodontics team can help you make sense of your spacers. Whether you need new spacers or have a question about your treatment, we are here to help. Give us a call for more information.

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