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Orthodontists use rubber bands to attach metal wires and brackets together. However, some patients need additional bands. You might have noticed these. They are called inter-arch bands and they connect between different brackets. But what are these bands doing? Will I need them to straighten my teeth? Get the facts on these rubber bands for braces below.

Different Types of Rubber Bands

There are two different types of rubber bands used for braces. The first type simply attaches the archwires to the brackets. Everyone with traditional metal braces will use these rubber bands. The other type, called inter-arch bands, are used to position the teeth. This means that not all braces users will need them.

Who Needs Inter-arch bands?

Inter-arch bands are used to correct a patient’s bite or jaw position. The bands are stretched to connect the top row of teeth to the bottom. They are positioned to apply gentle pressure, influencing the bite. Over time, they can change the position of a smile. Rubber bands are a simple, easy-to-use tool that can make a big difference!

Changing the Bands

Rubber bands on brackets are changed by your orthodontist every month. Since special tools are needed, you cannot change these bands at home. However, inter-arch bands will need to be changed frequently. Your orthodontist will teach you how to do this yourself at home. Be sure to change the bands when you need to. Also bring extra bands with you in your bag as they can sometimes break.

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