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Braces have a lot of components, including wires, brackets, and rubber bands. However, you might notice some braces that have additional features, too. For example, some people need metal springs connecting their top and bottom rows of teeth. Other patients might have smaller springs running along their wires. So what do braces with springs do- and who needs them? Get the facts in the article below.

Why Are Braces With Springs Used?

Springs are used to correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues, from crowding to bite problems. Their compacted design makes them perfect for putting gentle pressure on parts of the mouth. This allows them to help fix alignment issues without the added bulk of other devices (such as headgear). There are a few different types of braces with springs. Let’s discuss the most common kinds.

Coil Springs

Coil springs are placed along the brace’s archwire. They can either run parallel to the wire, or the wire can be threaded through the spring. These coils are used to address spacing issues. They can reduce tooth crowding, or they can also pull teeth together to reduce gapping. Coil springs are used to reduce a patient’s spacing issues, or to maintain a gap in the teeth if a patient has a tooth extraction.

Forsus Springs

Forsus springs are also commonly used in orthodontics. These are wider than coil springs and will connect a patient’s top and bottom rows of braces. Forsus springs help to address jaw and bite issues by putting pressure on different parts of the jaw. Usually, they are used to gently pull one half of the jaw inward while also pushing the other half of the jaw outward. It’s a helpful treatment for patients with underbites and also overbites. Forsus springs work along with a patient’s braces, which can prevent the need for headgear or shorten the time that headgear needs to be worn for.

Talk To Your Orthodontist

Do you need braces with springs? Your orthodontist can help you make sense of your treatment. At Adventure Orthodontics, Dr. Bar will answer all of your questions so that you understand what your braces are doing. Ready to learn more? Explore our website or call our office today.

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