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It’s finally the day you have been waiting for- your braces are coming off! This is a very exciting time for any patient. But what exactly happens after your braces are removed? And what do you need to do next? Read on to get the facts about braces removal.

Braces Removal Process

The braces removal procedure can sound scary. Don’t worry though- you will not feel any pain during the process! Your orthodontist will start by removing your wires and rubber bands. Next, they will use pliers to remove the brackets from your teeth. Finally, your mouth will be cleaned and the glue that secured your brackets will be removed.

Getting Used to Your Retainer

After all of those months with braces, you might think you are done with orthodontics. But this isn’t entirely true. You will also need a retainer to maintain the new straight position of your teeth. Without a retainer, your teeth are likely to shift back into their old spots. Fortunately though, retainers are more flexible than braces. They are also less noticeable. Just be sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Using your retainer correctly will help you keep your smile exactly the way you want it.

Keep Up With Your Oral Care

Remember to brush and floss regularly even after your braces come off. This is so important to your teeth and to your overall health. However, more options are now open to you. For instance, you can now use whitening toothpaste, which is off-limits with braces.

Braces Removal in Spring, TX

Dr. Bar is a board-certified orthodontist who helps patients all around the Houston area. Whether you live in Spring or beyond, Dr. Bar and the rest of the Adventure Orthodontics team is here to help you smile with confidence. We offer traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, aligners, braces removal, and more. Request your appointment online today!

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