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A braces consultation is the first step in your orthodontic journey. However, a consultation can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. In this article, we’ll explain what happens at a braces consultation. We’ll also explain how you can prepare before your appointment.

Why Consultations are Needed

Simply put, consultations are needed because all patients are different. While braces are a common treatment, everyone’s braces will be slightly different. A consultation allows you to connect with an orthodontist before starting treatment so that the right plan can be put into place.

Explaining Your History

At the beginning of your consultation, you will go over your dental and medical history. Your orthodontist will want to know about any surgeries, mouth injuries, or other things that could affect treatment. Be sure to bring your records to share with the orthodontist.

Imaging and Exam

After going over your medical history, you will then receive an oral exam. This is similar to a checkup at your dentist’s office. The orthodontist will examine your mouth, note any abnormalities, and create a timeline for your braces treatment. They will also use imaging tools such as x-rays to get a better look at the mouth.

Creating a Treatment Plan

After the orthodontist checks your history and the current state of your mouth, they will then discuss treatment options with you. Treatment options will vary based on your budget, timeline, and also your goals during treatment. For instance, are traditional braces the best option, or should you go with ceramic braces or clear aligners? You will work with your orthodontist to answer these questions and more.

Preparing For Your Appointment

Before your consultation, make sure you are ready for the appointment. Bring your dental records, any medical documents, and insurance information for our team. You might also want to bring a list of questions, as well as a pen and paper for note-taking.

Do You Need a Braces Consultation?

Call Adventure Orthodontics today. Our team works with patients of all ages, helping people with a wide variety of needs get the smile of their dreams. To request your consultation, give us a call or click the link above.

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