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A power chain sounds like a pretty intense tool. Luckily though, they are a simple orthodontic device with a scary-sounding name. Orthodontists often use these special rubber bands to help move a patient’s teeth. But what exactly is a power chain- and do I need one? We’ll give you the answers below.

What are Power Chain Braces?

A power chain is a row of connected rubber bands that is used to cover brackets during braces treatment. Usually, these brackets are covered by single rubber bands. Some patients will have power chains placed over all of their brackets. However, other patients might only need a small device placed over a couple of teeth.

Why Do Some Patients This Treatment?

Power chains apply more pressure than traditional rubber bands. Therefore, they can be used to speed up treatment or to correct larger gaps in the teeth. This treatment is more subtle and comfortable than other tools, such as headgear. This makes it a popular choice among both orthodontists and patients.

Do Power Chains Hurt?

Again, the name sounds worse than the actual treatment is! While you may experience a little discomfort, the treatment should not be painful. Having these bands adjusted will feel similar to having normal bands and wires adjusted. If you experience more intense pain, then be sure to talk to your orthodontist.

Caring For Your Braces

If you have a power chain, then it is important to keep it clean. Because these rubber bands are connected, they tend to collect food debris. Be sure to brush regularly and floss in between each band.

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