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When you first checked on your little one during nap time and noticed snoring, it was cute. How could such a tiny child make so much noise while they rested? The reality is, if your child is snoring, they may not be getting much rest at all. In fact, if you notice that your child regularly snores, has difficulty concentrating and seems to be tired and under-rested even with ample sleep, they may require Airway Orthodontics.

What is Airway Orthodontics?

Most simply stated, Airway Orthodontics is a comprehensive approach to orthodontic treatment that looks beyond crowded and crooked teeth. Past opinions that crooked teeth are genetic fail to consider more recent scientific evidence pointing to environmental causes of crooked teeth. Adventure Orthodontics takes an integrative approach to support healthy jaw development allowing your child’s teeth to develop into a beautiful, properly functioning smile.

Airway Orthodontics can be broken down into three key areas, Prevention, Health, and Growth.

Prevention: With the correct care early in development, your little one’s cute gummy, toothless grin can develop into beautiful, healthy, straight smile! By restoring airways, balancing facial structural growth, and restoring standard functional patterns, we can promote healthy cognitive development and help your little one develop a great smile.

Health: Airway Orthodontics is quite literally giving your child a breath of fresh air. We treat the cause of your child’s problems effectively. They will experience reduced snoring and increased alertness as proper airway function is restored.

Facial Growth: Children benefit from airway orthodontic treatment by the subtle influence of proper breathing, swallowing, and jaw alignment. By influencing and changing facial growth early on, your little one will enjoy health and aesthetic benefits for life!

Airway Orthodontics can help!
Start your child on a pathway to a beautiful, properly functioning smile supported by healthy breathing and proper swallowing! To learn more about how you can benefit from Airway Orthodontics, call Adventure Orthodontics today!

Understanding How Airway Orthodontics Can Help Your Child

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