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While some people find the idea of a “metal mouth” embarrassing, we don’t see it that way. To us, one of the coolest things about braces is that they let you express yourself. Colorful rubber bands are used to secure the metal brackets and wires in your mouth. These rubber bands are also a chance to have fun and create a look that suits your style. The only question is: which color to choose? We’ll give some tips below.

Show Off Your Best Features

Rubber bands can be an opportunity to highlight your favorite features. You can choose the best braces colors to match your eyes, skin tone, or teeth. Think of the rubber bands as another accessory, allowing you to put your best self forward.

Get Creative

There are so many different shades to choose from. Pick your favorite colors or coordinate your rubber bands with an outfit for a special occasion. You can also mix it up and put a different color on each bracket. Try creating a pattern out of two or three colors for a fun look!

Celebrate the Holidays

Braces users can be extra festive around the holidays. Try red and green rubber bands for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween. Whether it’s the 4th of July, St. Patty’s, or another special day, use your braces as a unique way to celebrate.

Dark vs. Light Colors

Dark colors are generally seen as more flattering than light colors. This is because dark colors will contrast against your teeth and make them look whiter. However, the difference is only slight. Choose the colors that you are most drawn to, whether they are light or dark.

Need More Advice?

Talk to a braces expert today! The Adventure Orthodontics team is always here to answer your questions. This way, you can go through your braces treatment with confidence. Call us today to ask about the best braces colors or anything else you need to know.

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