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Clear aligners are a great option for people who want a straighter smile. These subtle trays gradually adjust your tooth placement, just like braces would. However, they are not nearly as noticeable as braces. People typically wear their aligners all day, only removing them to eat and brush their teeth. But a new type of aligner claims to straighten with overnight wear only. Below, we will discuss these night time clear aligners.

How Do Night-Time Clear Aligners Work?

The best thing about night time clear aligners? They are effective. In fact, these aligners can straighten your teeth just as well as traditional braces or aligners. Some people don’t want to wear daytime aligners. This is a great alternative that suits all different kinds of lifestyles.

Benefits of This Treatment

Nighttime aligners provide the best of both worlds for users. They straighten teeth just like other orthodontic devices. However, no one needs to know that you use them. While daytime aligners are subtle, some people feel they are still noticeable. Some users also feel embarrassed by removing aligners to eat. Wearing aligners at night is a great solution for self-conscious people.

Drawbacks to Know About

Nighttime aligners are an effective treatment. However, they are only effective if used correctly! Patients will need to remember to use their aligners every single night. They must also wear them for the full amount of time prescribed. This can be a challenge for shift workers or others with unpredictable sleep patterns. Aligners are also a responsibility because they are removable. Patients must remember to keep track of their aligners.

Talking to an Orthodontist

Aligners are both subtle and effective. However, they work best you are working with a professional. Instead of trusting your treatment to an online company, work with an expert right in Spring. Dr. Bar can help you choose the best type of aligners for your smile goals. Call Adventure Orthodontics to learn more!

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