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The dental sector is constantly evolving through innovation in techniques and technology. Digital Smile Design technologies have changed dentists’ approach to aesthetic dental treatments.

What is Digital Smile Design?

DSD is software that shows what the patient’s smile will look like post treatment, which is a new advancement in dental treatment planning tool that improves a dental provider’s diagnostic vision in 3-D visual by analyzing all aspects of teeth, jaw, gums, and other things like cavities and what will be the outcome of the procedure. This way, a dentist and his patient’s communication will be clear. The dentist will know what their patient is expecting, and the patient will be more comfortable knowing they are in safe hands.

Process of Digital Smile Design

Intraoral scanners use digital photographs and videos that are incredibly effective because they offer scrutiny of the mouth and mimic the smile that best suits the conditions of each patient by studying the teeth, gums, lips, and facial structure.

After your dentist collects the data, he will look at the digital design images of various forms and shapes that can be placed over the tops of your teeth.
This would give you a quick sneak peek into what you can achieve from the treatment and assure your dentist of what is needed to create a physical model with a dental lab. The images and videos help the lab make a more realistic model, which may include your facial aesthetics and other important aspects.

You will be heavily involved in the entire process from start to finish. You will be in charge of your wants and needs to your dental smile designer; you may have more control than your dentist to approve the three-dimensional model and how your smile will be present after the faux denture.

After your approval, your dentist will start the restoration process. Any cracks or damaged teeth will be removed and restored, and then your teeth will be placed as implants or veneers. Your dentist will restore each tooth before moving on to the next. Finally, a polishing treatment will help your teeth look shiny and clean when finished.

Perks of DSD for Patients

  • Patients are more motivated towards treatment.
  • Observe the results before the treatment.
  • Involvement in smile design
  • Patients have command over their treatment.
  • DSD allows for qualitative communication between the dentist and the patient.

Summing Up

Digital Smile Design is one of the leading forefronts of dental technology, ensuring the best dental care treatment for every patient. With the help of DSD, you can create a treatment plan for your dental needs, giving you a smile you deserve.

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