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While retainers can sometimes feel a little odd, they should never be painful. But pain is subjective, and sometimes it takes time for your mouth to get used to a new treatment. If your retainers are causing certain types of irritation, then it might be a sign they don’t fit correctly. Keep reading to learn more.

How Retainers Work

Braces work by shifting teeth using applied pressure. Afterward, your teeth will need to be held in their new place. Retainers do this using specially placed wires and a custom-molded plastic piece. It is important to wear your retainers every day. This will prevent your teeth from moving and also help the treatment to stay comfortable.

What Should Retainers Feel Like?

Retainers might take some time to get used to at first. You might remember your braces feeling a little uncomfortable in the beginning too! If you wear your retainers every day, they should not hurt. However, if you sometimes skip the retainer, you might experience pressure when you get back into the routine. This pressure means your teeth are trying to move back into their old placement. This is a warning sign if you occasionally forget your retainer.

When to Call Your Orthodontist

If your retainer pain is preventing you from wearing your device, then it’s time to call a professional. Sometimes, the retainer’s wires need to be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. You should also call your orthodontist if any part of your device is pinching your gum or if your bite is affected. Your orthodontist will inspect the device. They might ask that you wear it for a longer period of time. They might also adjust the device to help you stay comfortable.

The Adventure Ortho Difference

If you are ready for a straight, confident smile, then call Adventure Orthodontics. Dr. Bar helps patients of all ages get their dream smiles. With a friendly staff and convenient Spring location, we make the process easy and enjoyable. Call 281-353-5556 or book an appointment online today.

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