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While retainers are very common orthodontic tools, wearing one properly can be easier said than done. If your orthodontist has recommended a retainer, it’s important to wear the device properly to keep your teeth aligned. It’s also important to take care of your retainer to avoid needing a replacement. Fortunately, retainer care is pretty simple. Read on to learn the basics.

Wearing Your Retainer

Your orthodontist will tell you the number of hours you must wear your retainer each day. It’s important to follow his or her instructions. Not wearing your retainer properly can lead to shifting teeth! If your retainer fits properly, it will be comfortable to wear. Tell your orthodontist if you have any parts of the plastic that are hitting your gums in an uncomfortable way.

Proper Retainer Care

Taking care of your retainer will protect the device, helping you to avoid a costly replacement. Make sure to remove your retainer to eat and brush your teeth. When you put your retainer back in, press it in gently with your fingers. Don’t bite it into place. Clean your retainer each day with a soft toothbrush.

Do you need a retainer? Adventure Orthodontics can help. Whether you are looking for a replacement device or need a retainer to maintain the work of braces or aligners, we can create a custom device to suit your needs. Call us at 281-219-8687 to get started today.

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