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Light-force braces are a highly customizable option. Unlike other traditional braces, they provide orthodontists with great control and flexibility they have never experienced. Metal braces are pre-made, while light force braces are 3D printed to perfectly complement and treat your smile.

Components of a Light Force System

Light-force braces are designed to work smart, not hard. This digital dental seamlessness is based on the following:

  1. Brackets
    The brackets in a Light Force system are made of ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets that are highly personalized to match your tooth’s unique anatomy and bite pattern. These brackets are available in two kinds; the cloud bracket is white, so it works as a discreet option. Unlike metal braces, they cannot be seen from far away.
    For a funky neon touch, you can pair them up with colored elastic bands. However, if you prefer to look more sophisticated, opt for light brackets, which are almost invisible against your teeth. They defy the fact that beauty comes with pain.
  2. Light Tray
    This 3D-printed indirect bonding tray is designed to work in harmony with light force brackets. Due to their patient-centric nature, such trays offer great placement precision and pace. Light Force systems also possess a bite correction feature called Turbo Trays. These devices are installed on the face or tongue side of your teeth to adjust an open bite.
  3. Light Plan
    This web-based software provided by Light Force serves as a built-in and convenient platform to craft, modify, and accept treatment schedules. This software allows appropriate changes particularly meant to benefit the patient.

Light Force Vs. Traditional Braces

  • Light force braces provide more precision and ease than metal braces. This makes them a preferable option for both patients and orthodontists.
  • Meta braces are pre-designed, so patients seldom get the best fit for their teeth. They have to visit the dental office multiple times to get them adjusted.
  • Unlike light force, traditional braces gradually give you great outcomes, but they take time and are complicated enough to make orthodontic treatment fussy.
  • The Light Force system leverages computer technology to craft personalized braces to align with the shape and dimensions of an individual’s teeth. With the help of digital planning, your orthodontist can precisely forecast the final tooth placement at the start of the treatment.
  • Such extra precision promises fewer office visits to modify treatment plans and braces. Hence, Light Force treatment is more convenient to drive predictable outcomes.

Ending Note:

Light Force braces have an upper hand when it comes to benefits. Their treatment time is short, less painful, and easy to maintain hygiene. They provide a sophisticated look and work like a charm for minor dental corrections like crookedness, dental spacing, and crowding.
Only selected orthodontists like Dr. Bar Nguyen at Adventure Orthodontics are well-versed in this new advancement of Light Force braces. He regularly takes constant education courses and attends meetings with orthodontic societies to keep up with the advances and regulations in the industry. Dial (281) 353-5556 to schedule an appointment.

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