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Orthodontics is a great way to improve your smile, whether you are a child, teen, or adult. But how young is too young for orthodontic work? In this article, we’ll explain the pros and cons of starting braces treatment early in life- and how to tell when it’s time for your child to see an orthodontist. Read on to learn all about kids braces.

The Importance of Early Consultations

All braces treatments begin with a consultation. During this appointment, an orthodontist will check the tooth and jaw alignment and outline the best plan for treatment. Most orthodontists recommend consultations for children as young as 6 or 7. Of course, most children will not receive braces at this age. But even in the early years, a person’s tooth alignment is clear. Book a consultation early so you- and your child- can prepare for future treatment.

When Should Treatment Start?

So early consultations are helpful. But when should braces treatment begin? Kids braces can be applied after they lose the majority of their baby teeth. This can be as young as 8, or it can be in the tween years. However, some kids will benefit from early intervention using other devices, such as expanders, before their mouths are ready for braces. It simply depends on their smile.

Braces For Children Vs. Teens

Are kids braces better than treatment in the teen years? Again, this depends on your child’s smile and development. However, there are some benefits to starting the treatment at a younger age. Early treatment can help reduce orthodontic issues down the line. Early braces can also improve speech, facial symmetry, and other issues that can be problematic for children as they age. However, that doesn’t mean that teens don’t benefit from braces, too. The bottom line? Smiles can be improved at any age.

Ready to Learn More?

An orthodontic consultation is the only way to know whether or not your child will need braces. This is the best way to evaluate your child’s teeth and plan for the future. Adventure Orthodontics offers consultations, braces, clear aligners, and many other treatment options. Call us today to book your first appointment.

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