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Lots of patients deal with mild Invisalign pain, especially right after they switch aligner trays. And while this pain is annoying during the daytime, it can be an even bigger nuisance at night. Don’t let your aligners stop you from getting a good night’s rest! In this article, we’ll give you some simple tips for dealing with Invisalign pain at night.

Nighttime Vs. Daytime Pain

When you switch aligner trays, it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort for a day or two. Each new tray puts a new type of pressure on the mouth, which can lead to soreness while your mouth adjusts. This pain should be similar in the waking and nighttime hours. Pain that only happens at night might be a sign that you grind your teeth or sleep in a way that puts pressure on your mouth. Keep track of your pain so you can describe it to your dentist or orthodontist.

Locate The Source Of Your Discomfort

Do you have all-over mouth tenderness or a specific spot that’s sore? Sore spots are often caused by material rubbing against the gums or soft tissues in your mouth. During the day, use wax to relieve this chafing. Just be sure to remove the wax before bed.

Change Your Sleeping Position

When your mouth is extra tender, sleeping in the right position can make a big difference. After you switch aligner trays, try sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated. (You can do this with an extra pillow under your neck.) This will relieve pressure on your mouth and jaw while also allowing saliva to drain easily.

Be Patient

For most patients, nighttime discomfort eases on its own after a day or two. Be patient while your mouth adjusts. You might be surprised by how quickly you start to feel better! Talk to your orthodontist if you are still struggling with discomfort after a week of using your new aligner trays.

Talking to an Orthodontist

Still, struggling with nightly Invisalign pain? If you try these tips and don’t find relief, then it’s time to see your orthodontist. They will check both your mouth and your aligners to make sure that there isn’t a bigger problem. They can also give you personalized tips to help you get to sleep. For more information about Invisalign, call Dr. Bar at Adventure Orthodontics today.

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