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Braces wax is a simple product, but it serves a very important purpose. While braces are very effective at straightening teeth, metal brackets can sometimes irritate a patient’s mouth. Wax can prevent friction in the mouth, making the entire braces process a lot more enjoyable. Best of all? Wax is affordable, easy to use, and is very effective. Read on to learn how to use braces wax.

Dealing With Braces Discomfort

Braces can sometimes cause mild pain or discomfort. Usually, this is caused by your monthly adjustments, which gently move your teeth into the preferred position. This is typically a dull pain that fades in a day or two. However, the braces themselves can also cause discomfort. Brackets stick out from the surface of the tooth and can sometimes irritate the inside of your mouth. This might be a more constant pain throughout your treatment. But luckily, a little dental wax can solve the problem.

How to Use Braces Wax

Wax is clear and usually comes in a small plastic container. To use it, simply break off a small piece and form it into a ball with your fingers. The rolling action will soften the wax, which makes it easier to apply. Next, simply press the wax onto the portion of your bracket that’s causing the irritation. That’s it! The wax will stick to your brackets, creating a barrier between your mouth and the rough surface of your bracket.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Just like your brackets, dental wax can attract also food particles. Therefore, it’s important to practice good hygiene when using this product. Be sure to change your dental wax several times a day and also after each meal. You should also be careful when applying and removing the wax.

Are Your Braces Causing You Pain?

If you have a bracket that is causing pain on the inside of your mouth, then wax is a great solution. However, other types of braces pain might be the sign of a larger issue. If your pain is severe or changes throughout your treatment, then talk to your orthodontist. There might be a simple adjustment that can help.

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