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Finally, the time has arrived; it is the time for the removal of your braces. You must have waited for months or maybe a year or two for this day. Maybe your dream of straight teeth is going to come true, and you’ll be free from brackets and wires on the teeth. Besides, many of us even ask ourselves about how to remove the braces? But let the orthodontics do their work. Removing braces is a technical process; it is not feasible to do it at home.

Required time for braces

A significant concern for people who wear braces is, after how much time will they come out? But there is no one answers to it. Braces straighten the teeth; therefore, the time differs according to individuals. The orthodontics continues the procedure until the teeth are correctly aligned and straight to give a great big smile. Taking good care of teeth and regularly visiting appointments to orthodontics can shorten the process.

After all this time, if the day has come, it’s better not to be over-excited.  The orthodontist may extend a few days as per the need. It happens that due to movement between the teeth, the alignment changes, and braces have to continue still for a few days. However, the wait is worth it, and in a few days, positive results will come up in the form of perfectly aligned white teeth. Removing braces needs time.

How the orthodontists remove braces?

An orthodontist uses a special plier to remove the braces. Each tooth has wires and brackets. While removing them, the plier is positioned on each bracket one after the other and removed from the teeth. It is common to hear cracking noises while the removal of braces. Besides, the process is painless; it’s just the wires and brackets coming off along with the elastic bands.

After it’s all removed, the orthodontist checks to reassure everything is normal. He cleans the excess glue from the teeth, which stuck the braces on the teeth. The teeth are clean and straight, and the process is over. Want to find out more about it, Adventure Orthodontics is here to help you. You can schedule your consultation online. You can also get more information by calling 281-353-5556.

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