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Retainers are a simple and effective way to maintain your teeth after braces or aligners. And while retainers are easy to use, cleaning them can be another story. Should you brush retainers with toothpaste? Use cleaning products for dentures? What about mouthwash? In this article, we’ll teach you how to clean a retainer the right way.

Daily Care for Your Retainer

Of course, retainers will require some daily maintenance in order to stay fresh and clean. Luckily though, this is pretty simple to do. Just rinse your retainer with water every time you remove it from your mouth. This helps to remove surface bacteria and saliva buildup before it becomes a problem.

How to Get a Deeper Clean

In addition to daily rinses, you will also need to clean your retainer about once a week. This will remove any buildup and help the retainer to stay in good shape over time. So how to clean a retainer? There are a few different options. These include natural products, such as vinegar or baking soda, as well as specific cleaning products. Retainers will either need to be soaked in a cleaning solution or gently cleaned using a soft brush and the cleaner.

The exact cleaning methods vary depending on the materials you plan to use. Your orthodontist can help you create a cleaning plan before you get your retainers.

Products to Avoid

There are specific cleaning products designed just for retainers. Therefore, it’s important to use one of these products, instead of other oral care products like denture cleaners or mouthwash. It’s also important to use gentle tools when cleaning. Don’t boil your retainers or use abrasive scrubbers as these could destroy your retainer.

What if I Make a Mistake?

Be sure to see an orthodontist if you think you’re cleaning your retainers wrong. Using the wrong tools or materials could lead to a damaged or misshapen retainer. Also, a device that isn’t properly cleaned could be harmful to your mouth. A professional can take a peek and tell you if your retainer is being properly cared for.

Need an Orthodontist’s Help?

Call Adventure Orthodontics! Dr. Bar and the rest of our team are happy to help. Whether you have a question about how to clean a retainer or another tooth-related issue, we are here with advice and support.

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