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If you have braces, then you know how important it is to keep them clean. Wires and brackets can easily collect bacteria, leading to plaque. Plus, having food stuck in your braces can lead to embarrassing moments! Using good toothpaste will help your mouth to look and feel its best. But what is the best toothpaste for braces? Read on to get the answer.

Why Toothpaste Quality Matters

Braces patients are more vulnerable to tooth decay. This is why it’s so important to choose high-quality toothpaste. A handy way to find good toothpaste is to look for the ADA seal on toothpaste packages. This seal shows that the toothpaste is dentist-recommended and contains the highest quality ingredients.

Finding the Best Toothpaste For Braces

If you have braces, then it’s important to choose a toothpaste with anti-cavity ingredients. Fluoride is the strongest anti-cavity ingredient on the market, so make sure you are getting a toothpaste with fluoride. Also be sure to choose a toothpaste with tartar control, which further protects the mouth against cavities.

Other Important Tools To Use

Of course, toothpaste isn’t the only tool you’ll need to keep your mouth healthy. Make sure you also have a high-quality toothbrush with small and/or angled bristles for cleaning between brackets. Dental floss is also a must. Other products, such as electric toothbrushes, water flossers, and mouthwashes can also be helpful. Ask your dentist if they recommend these products for you.

What to Avoid

It’s important to avoid whitening toothpaste while you have braces. Because your brackets are attached to the teeth, the whitening agent cannot reach all surfaces of your tooth. This will lead to an uneven appearance once your brackets come off! You can quickly and easily whiten your teeth after braces.

Talk to Your Orthodontist

Still trying to choose the best toothpaste for braces? Give your orthodontist a call. They can recommend specific products and make suggestions based on your specific dental needs. The Adventure Orthodontics team is here to help you during every step of your braces journey. Book an appointment today for braces issues, routine adjustments, oral care needs, and more!

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