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If your child needs braces, his or her orthodontist might recommend a palatal expander first. Because expanders are a less known orthodontic appliance, you might not know what this device is for. Is it really necessary for your child’s smile? Below, we will explain the basics of palatal expanders and the types of issues they are used to correct.

What is an Expander?

A palatal expander is a device that is implanted in a child’s mouth to gradually widen their upper jaw. While this sounds invasive (and maybe even painful!) the treatment is very well tolerated and doesn’t cause any more mouth discomfort than braces. A child’s jawbones don’t completely fuse together until their teenage years which means gradually creating more space in a child’s mouth is easy.

Reasons for a Palatal Expander

Your child’s orthodontist could recommend a palatal expander for a number of reasons. Some children have crowding that is caused by a narrow palate. Using an expander to widen the palate will make future braces treatments more effective for these patients. Another orthodontic condition called a crossbite can also be corrected with an expander. Patients who have crossbites have upper molars that bite inside the outer molars due to a narrow upper palate.

Orthodontic Appliances in Spring, TX

Does your child need a palatal expander or another type of orthodontic appliance? Adventure Orthodontics makes the process easy. Dr. Bar treats all types of patients and can help your child have a confident, happy smile. Call us at 281-353-5556 to learn more.

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