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So, the day you have been waiting for is near: you’re getting your braces removed! This is an anticipated moment in one’s orthodontic journey, and you may wonder: how long does it take to get braces off?

The duration of the process that involves removing braces will depend on multiple factors, such as the complexity of your dental issue, the type of braces, and your overall oral health. Generally, it takes around an hour to remove braces, but we will talk about it in this article. Keep reading to learn!

How Long Does it Take to Remove Braces?

Taking off braces typically takes around an hour. Your orthodontist will have tools that make it more convenient to remove the braces by loosening the bracket’s grip or simply popping the brackets off.

Process of Getting Braces Off

Removing braces takes less time than the initial exam and placement of the orthodontic appliance. It is most likely that you will only have to wait an hour or so to get the braces off. Here are the steps involved in the braces removal process:

  1. The orthodontist will squeeze and separate each bracket from the tooth using a special plier tool.
  2. Then, they will work to remove the metal bands used to anchor the braces to your back molars.
  3. After the brackets and molar bands are off, your orthodontist will detach the braces from your teeth.
  4. Once your teeth are free of the braces and all of their parts, the orthodontist will use a special tool to clean the dental cement. They will first scrape the cement off, polishing your teeth next.
  5. The dental specialist will fit your custom retainers after removing the glue. Your teeth will revert back to their original, misaligned position once the braces are removed if you do not wear retainers. This is why retainers after braces are crucial, and you get fitted for them the same day your braces are removed!

Does It Hurt To Get Braces Off?

No, getting your braces off should not hurt. You may feel slightly uncomfortable, especially when the orthodontist is cleaning the glue. Moreover, some pressure is felt when the brackets are squeezed and removed from each tooth, but that is about it. Inform the oral health therapist as soon as you feel any discomfort.

Getting Used to Life After Braces

Getting braces off is the day you must be looking forward to since the day you got them — but life might feel a little different initially after the braces removal procedure. The good part is: your teeth look straight and aligned; focus on that!

When you take the first bite after months or years of wearing braces — your teeth will feel much lighter. It will be a freeing and exciting sensation. Plus, flossing and brushing become much easier than before.

Talk to an orthodontist if you experience any issues following the removal of your braces.


It takes around an hour to sit through a braces removal procedure. Once the orthodontist has freed your teeth from the orthodontic appliance, they will get you customized retainers to ensure your teeth do not revert to their old position.

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