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After the braces go on, you might find yourself getting impatient. How long do braces take to work anyway? While the process doesn’t happen overnight, it is often faster than you would think. But of course, the exact length of time will depend on your orthodontic needs. In this article, you’ll learn how long you can expect to have your brackets for.

How Long Do Braces Take?

There is so much variety in treatment plans. While some patients need braces for less than a year, others have theirs for three years or more. However, anywhere from 12 to 24 months is considered normal, with 16-18 months being about average. Generally speaking, children need braces for shorter periods than adults. This is because an adult’s permanent teeth are firmly set and require more pressure to move. However, age is just one factor that influences the length of a braces treatment. Let’s go over some other factors:

Bite Issues

A patient with bite issues will probably need a longer braces treatment. Patients with bite issues might also need other orthodontic tools, such as expanders or bite plates, which can lengthen their treatment. While treatment may be a few months longer, bite issues can be corrected easily with the right tools.

Closing Gaps

While braces are often used to fix crowded teeth, they are also common for gapped teeth. People with large gaps may have their braces for a longer period of time, simply because their teeth are moving a greater distance.

Other Factors To Consider

The bottom line is that many factors can influence the length of your treatment. Of course, the alignment of your teeth is the biggest factor. However, the type of braces you choose, your oral health, and even certain lifestyle factors can also influence your treatment. Work closely with your dentist and orthodontist to care for your teeth correctly.

Get The Details From Your Orthodontist

So how long do braces take for each person? Only a person’s orthodontist will know for sure. If you have specific questions about your timeline, then call Dr. Bar. He can give you the all facts on your braces journey.

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