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Getting used to braces or have you got a hang of it? In both cases, you have landed on the correct page if you are a brace-wearer.

It is extremely crucial to maintain your oral hygiene as part of your general health and well-being. While adjusting to braces can be a tad bit challenging, but a meticulous care routine can ensure both smooth transitioning and desired outcomes.

Here is an easy read on how you can take care of your braces and oral hygiene in general. Let the braces do their work, while you put in your part in maintaining them.

  • Brush Your Teeth: This is quite straightforward answer when it comes to oral hygiene. Brush regularly, twice a day. Use a soft bristle tooth brush and find a way to clean your teeth which work best for you. Don’t rush yourself and brushing your teeth rigorously is a big NO.
  • Floss and Mouthwash: Your teeth might need some additional care in form of flossing. Add flossing to your everyday routine; to look out for some hidden food particles residing in your mouth. Mouthwash is also a good idea after having meals for that extra freshness and sparkle.
  • Orthodontic Wax: Use your prescribed orthodontic wax if you experience irritation around your mouth, cheek, lip or jaw. This will help ease the pain and create a buffer between sharp metal edges.
  • Carry Pocket Size Tool Set: If you are a working person or are likely to stay out of the house for longer durations, it is a great idea to carry a small dental vanity including a wax, toothpaste, mini brush, and a mirror for emergency-on-the-go use.
  • Choose What You Eat: It is important to choose the right food and smartly adjust your eating habits that will not affect your braces or cause irritation. Go for softer foods like mashed potatoes, yoghurt, and pasta; avoid sticky, chewy and hard eatables such as candy and popcorn; cut bite sized portions rather than eating directly from your mouth. Also, make sure you don’t compromise on your health for the sake of braces protection.
  • Consult Your Doctor: Braces, at times, may need to be worn for extended periods so it is extremely important to see your dentist for regular assessment, monitoring and check-ups. Make sure you are clear about the process and address any question you may have about your dental concerns.

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