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Is the fear of pain holding you back from getting braces? Many patients are worried that their orthodontic treatment will hurt. If you are sensitive to pain, this can be a big concern! Keep reading to learn the truth about orthodontic pain.

Tell me the truth- Should I Expect Pain?

While braces have been painful in the past, advancements in orthodontics mean that braces are more comfortable today than they have ever been before. While you might experience some mild discomfort after getting your braces tightened each month, the experience shouldn’t be outright painful. If you are experiencing pain beyond mild sensitivity, talk to your orthodontist.

Staying Comfortable After Appointments

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil 30 minutes before your orthodontist appointment will help you to stay comfortable during and after your adjustments. You might also want to use an over-the-counter oral gel to deal with pain after your appointment and stick to soft foods for the rest of the day.

Other Ways to Manage Pain

If the placement of your brackets is causing you irritation, you can use dental wax to cover any sharp pieces that are hitting your mouth. This wax is easily applied and can make a world of difference in your comfort level! Your orthodontist can give you dental wax or you can easily purchase it online.

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