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Of course, we all know that braces change the look of your smile. But do braces change your face shape, too? The answer might surprise you. Read on to learn how braces can affect your smile, jawline, face shape, and more.

How Do Braces Work?

To understand how braces can change your features, it’s important to know how braces work in the first place. They work by putting continuous pressure on the teeth, which in turn changes their alignment. Because this change happens internally, the braces have more than just a cosmetic effect. They can actually change the shape and structure of your mouth.

Do Braces Change Your Face Shape?

Okay, so braces change the structure of the mouth. But do braces change your face shape? To put it simply, it depends. Braces can influence your jawline, bite, and overall smile appearance. Braces can help to fix alignment issues, leading to a more even facial appearance. These changes might be subtle, but they can have a big impact on your look, especially if you had severe alignment issues before braces.

What Braces Can Change… And What They Can’t

While braces can make a huge difference to your appearance, they simply can’t change everything. You might see people online claiming that their braces changed their eye shape, nose shape, or other facial features. These features can certainly change over time as a person ages. However, these changes aren’t related to your braces.

Braces or Aligners?

Both braces and clear aligners work in the same way, which means they are equally effective at changing your tooth alignment. Plus, both tools are easy to use, effective, and widely available. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you! If you’re not sure which to pick, then ask your orthodontist for advice.

Talk to an Orthodontist

Everyone’s smile is different. Therefore, each patient can expect different results from their braces treatment. The best way to know what to expect from your treatment? Talk to an orthodontist. During a braces consultation, they will evaluate your mouth and help you see what’s possible for your smile. Call Adventure Orthodontics to book your visit today.

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