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Self-esteem and confidence are difficult areas for most teenagers. But when your teen needs braces or other oral devices, it can be a bigger struggle. While braces are common in the teen years, they still might affect your child’s confidence. Below, we will give you some tips when talking to your teen. With the right approach, you can show them that braces are nothing to worry about!

Focus on the Big Picture

While braces might be noticeable, the treatment doesn’t last forever. Make sure your teen knows how long their braces treatment will last. It’s also important for your teen to know what the end results will be. Focusing on the end result will keep your teen excited about their new smile.

Get Your Teen Involved

Not only are teenagers smart, but they are also curious. Encourage your older children to research braces and talk personally with their dental team. If your teen feels involved in the choice to get braces, they will feel more confident while the braces are in place.

Know the Different Options

We all know about metal braces. However, many people don’t know just how many different types of braces exist. With so many different choices, it’s easy to pick an option that your teen is happy about. Fun rubber bands can give metal braces a pop of color, while ceramic brackets can help braces blend in. Invisalign and other clear aligners are also an option. Regardless of your teen’s dental needs and personal style, there is a type of treatment to help their teeth.

Braces in Spring, TX

Whether your teen is thinking about braces in the future or is ready to get started today, Adventure Orthodontics can help. Dr. Bar and the rest of the Adventure Ortho team make the process easy! Call 281-353-5556 for more information. You can also click the link above to request an appointment online.

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