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Traditional metal braces are the most popular orthodontic tool out there. But that doesn’t mean they’re right for everybody. Lots of patients are looking for a braces alternative. However, some alternatives are more effective than others. So what’s best for your teeth? Read on to find the right braces alternative for you.

Ceramic Braces

Do you want braces without the look of dark metal? Then ceramic braces might be the right option for you. Ceramic braces use the same technology as traditional brackets. However, they use tooth-colored ceramic instead of metal. Ceramic braces might also use a clear wire instead of a metal one, which makes the look even more subtle.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are perhaps the most popular braces alternative. There is a good reason for that! Aligners gently move the teeth without brackets or wires, delivering the same results as braces but using new technology. Aligners might also shorten the length of your orthodontic treatment. If you want straighter teeth without braces, then ask your ortho if aligners are right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are a few different dental procedures that can make the teeth appear straighter, such as veneers. These are very popular among patients who want a quick fix. But of course, they do not actually change the tooth alignment, just the appearance of the tooth alignment. To address the root cause of your issues, we recommend an orthodontic tool.

Embracing Metal Braces

While there are alternatives to braces, you might also change your mind about metal brackets, too. Today’s braces are smaller and more effective than braces were in the past. Plus, people of all ages are now wearing brackets on your teeth. Talk to your orthodontist- you might decide that braces are right for you, after all!

Still Not Sure?

If you’re not sure which treatment to get, then it’s best to talk to an orthodontist. They will not only look at your teeth, but also discuss your budget, lifestyle, and other factors with you. Together, you and your ortho can create a plan that’s perfect for your smile. If you’re ready to upgrade your smile, then call Adventure Orthodontics today.

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