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How to Prevent a Ceramic Braces Stain

Ceramic braces are usually a subtle alternative to metal brackets. However, they’re not so subtle when they are stained! While ceramic braces are designed to match the color of your teeth, they are prone to s...

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February 28th, 2021

How to remove braces safely at the proper time

Finally, the time has arrived; it is the time for the removal of your braces. You must have waited for months or maybe a year or two for this day. Maybe your dream of straight teeth is going to come true, and y...

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April 30th, 2020

Can Braces Help With Jaw Pain?

A sore, painful jaw can be a symptom of a variety of tooth problems. While the doctor or dentist is usually a person’s first call to address this pain, orthodontists can sometimes help as well. In this articl...

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January 30th, 2020
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