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Caring for your teeth while you have braces is very important. However, it is just as important to care for your teeth after your braces are removed. While orthodontics are amazing, they cannot do their job properly without a little help from you as the patient. Luckily, this work is pretty easy. Below, we will share the best ways to care for your teeth after braces.

Keep Up Your Oral Care Routine

You already know that you should be brushing and flossing daily. But don’t let these habits slip after your braces are removed! You might not have to deal with food sticking to your brackets anymore, but oral hygiene is still important. This will also help to clear away any plaque that has built up around your brackets.

Use Your Retainer Correctly

After your braces come off, you will be fitted with a retainer. While a retainer might not seem that important, it is actually crucial for keeping your teeth straight. Your orthodontist will tell you how many hours per day you need to wear your retainer. Be sure to follow their advice to maintain your teeth alignment.

Visit Your Dentist

Like we mentioned, you might have a plaque buildup after your braces come off. Since your brackets are attached to your teeth, you will not be able to clean underneath them during your treatment. Your dentist can clear away this plaque and also check the overall health of your teeth.

Keep Seeing Your Orthodontist, Too

While you need to see the dentist, you also need to keep seeing your orthodontist. While you won’t need monthly appointments anymore, it is still important to visit occasionally so that we can check your tooth alignment. We can also adjust your retainers if you find the materials are irritating your mouth.

Orthodontics in the Houston Area

If you need an orthodontist, then call Dr. Bar. Dr. Bar and the rest of the Adventure Orthodontics team can help you get a beautiful, healthy smile. We make the entire process easy, fun, and effective. Ready to get started? Request your appointment today!

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