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If your teen needs orthodontic work, they will probably be concerned with the look of metal braces. Invisalign provides more subtle straightening, but is this option safe for teens? Read on to learn more about Invisalign and how orthodontists can effectively use this treatment for younger patients.

How Invisalign Works

As we all know, orthodontists can straighten a person’s teeth by applying pressure to the teeth and directing their movement. While orthodontists have traditionally done this with metal wires and braces, Invisalign applies the same pressure to teeth using clear molds called aligners. These aligners are custom-fit to a patient’s teeth for precise treatment and a discreet look.

Different Options for Patients of All Ages

Invisalign treatment is safe for patients of all ages. In fact, Invisalign offers aligners specifically for younger patients. These specially-designed aligners are comfortable, removable, and can correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, from crowded teeth to bite and arch issues. Invisalign aligners also feature a small blue dot that is hidden from view when wearing the device. This dot acts as a compliance tracker and allows orthodontists to make sure your teen is wearing their aligners for the correct amount of time.

Ready for Invisalign?

When your teen is ready to begin their Invisalign journey, Adventure Orthodontics is here to help. Dr. Bar and the rest of the Adventure Ortho team will create a customized treatment plan to give them their dream smile. To schedule an Invisalign consultation, give us a call at 281-353-5556.

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