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Countless patients use braces to change the look and functionality of their smiles. But can braces do more harm than good? It’s only natural to wonder if braces damage teeth. After all, braces put pressure on the teeth and require strong metal tools in order to work. Luckily though, it is easy for orthodontists to do this safely. Below, you’ll learn if braces can damage teeth- and how you can keep your smile healthy during treatment.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces use a series of brackets and wires to gradually shift your tooth position over time. While the brackets are attached to the surface of the teeth, the entire braces system puts pressure on the teeth as a whole. Because the pressure is spread out across your mouth, the brackets are actually more gentle than they might appear.

Do Braces Damage Teeth?

So do braces damage teeth? Generally speaking, the answer is no. Braces are designed to be safe on your teeth and also the other parts of your mouth. Brackets are attached to the tooth surface using a gentle adhesive, making them easy to remove after your treatment is done.

Keeping Teeth Healthy During Treatment

While braces themselves do not damage teeth, they can make teeth more prone to plaque and bacteria. This is why it’s so important to brush and floss regularly during your treatment. Food particles can cling to your wires and brackets. Patients must also brush and floss carefully to ensure that their brackets are properly cleaned.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

In addition to brushing and flossing daily, you might want to invest in mouthwash or special cleaning tools for your braces. Your orthodontist can help you choose the best ones. Of course, you also need to see your dentist regularly throughout treatment. They can check for plaque buildup and help you prevent cavities.

Where to Learn More

All patients are different. While braces are safe and effective, some patients might have specific concerns about how this treatment will work for them. An orthodontic consultation is the best way to learn how treatment will affect your smile. To book your consultation today, just click the link above!

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