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Are you struggling with an uneven jaw? Jaw problems can affect your self esteem- and also so much more. Some patients with uneven jaws have TMJ pain that can disrupt their lives. Luckily, you don’t have to live with these jaw issues. While some patients opt for surgery, orthodontics can also be used to address these problems. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done.

What Causes an Uneven Jaw?

There are a few things that can cause an uneven jaw. Unfortunately, genetics is usually to blame. However, accidents, injuries, and childhood habits like thumb sucking can also affect jaw placement. Regardless of the cause, an uneven jaw can be corrected with the right procedures.

How Jaw Alignment Can Affect the Teeth

Jaw alignment plays a huge role in the look of your smile and overall face. However, misalignments affect far more than a person’s looks. If your jaw is not properly aligned, then your teeth may not line up correctly. This can lead to issues with speaking, chewing, and even breathing.

How Orthodontics Can Help

Orthodontics is the most common way of addressing an uneven jaw. Some patients will see big improvements with traditional braces alone. However, others may need to use external headgear, bite plates, expanders, or other tools. In rare cases, surgery may also be needed to correct jaw issues. Of course, all of this depends on a patient’s unique jaw issues. Your orthodontist can help you choose the best treatments for your case.

Talk to an Expert Today

Adventure Orthodontics can diagnose and treat your jaw issue. If you have a misaligned jaw, then give us a call. Dr. Bar will take a look, perform x-rays, and get to the bottom of the problem. We will then find the best treatment option for your unique needs. Contact our office to learn more.

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