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Broken braces can be scary. However, there is no reason to panic. Broken braces can be easily repaired, and quick action can prevent you from damaging your mouth. So what exactly should you do if you experience a break? And what can you do to prevent more breaks in the future? We’ll explain in the article below.

Identify the Problem

If you notice a break in your braces, carefully assess your teeth and try to see which portion of your braces is damaged. For instance, is your wire broken? Did a bracket come loose? Maybe your braces look fine, but you heard a breaking noise or are feeling pain. Or maybe you have another concern. Whatever your issue, write down as many details as possible so you can share with your orthodontist.

Protect Your Mouth

Broken braces can be dangerous for the soft tissues inside your mouth. If you have a wire or bracket that is poking you, try gently applying braces wax over the problem area. Also try to avoid eating or sleeping until you see an orthodontist. Loose or broken braces can cause a choking hazard, so it’s important to set help ASAP.

Call Your Orthodontist

If you have broken wires or brackets, then you must see your orthodontist immediately. Many orthodontists offer emergency services and can repair your braces right away. However, other professionals can offer temporary solutions to keep your mouth safe until your regular doctor can make the repair. Regardless, it’s important to seek help as soon as you notice a problem.

Avoiding Future Issues

Finally, it’s important to protect your braces in the future. Avoid hard and/or sticky foods, which can damage your orthodontics. Also be sure to use the right tools when cleaning your braces, as being too abrasive can affect your wires. Finally, wear a mouth guard if you play sports or have problems grinding your teeth while you sleep. With a few simple adjustments, you can easily keep your brackets and wires safe.

Don’t Stress Over Broken Braces!

Adventure Orthodontics is here to help. Whether you have a minor braces issue or a serious problem, our team has the tools needed to restore your braces fast. Call Dr. Bar and his team today for all of your braces needs.

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