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Teeth crowding is one of the most common orthodontic issues that we see. Luckily though, there are a few different solutions that can correct this problem. Today we’ll talk about braces for crowded teeth, which are by far the most popular treatment option. Read on to learn how braces work to correct crowded teeth- and whether they might be a good solution for you.

What Causes are Teeth Crowding?

Crowded teeth can be caused by several different things. For some people, the size and/or shape of their jaw can cause the teeth to grow too closely together. Other people might experience dental crowding if they lost baby teeth too early or too late. In these situations, the permanent teeth might grow in an irregular pattern. Other issues, such as thumb sucking in early childhood, might also be the culprit.

Do I Need to Correct My Crowded Teeth?

Some people wonder if they need to correct their crowded teeth. After all, isn’t it just a beautiful thing? Not necessarily. Of course, there are aesthetic reasons to get braces. However, there are also health reasons. A properly aligned smile can lead to less dental pain and even reduce your risk of tooth decay.

How Braces Can Help

Regardless of the cause of your dental crowding, braces can be a great solution. Braces work by putting gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth, causing them to gradually change position. Braces are adjusted each month, which slowly shifts each individual tooth in order to straighten out crowding and other misalignments.

Other Treatment Options

Braces aren’t the only way to address dental crowding. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are also a popular solution. Invisalign works by putting continuous pressure on the teeth, just like braces. However, the clear aligners are more subtle and also removable, which many patients appreciate. Cosmetic dentistry, such as dental veneers, can also help to create the look of a straighter smile. However, these are simply cosmetic not actually address the root cause of the crowding.

Talk to an Orthodontist

If you are dealing with dental crowding, then an orthodontist can help. Ready to get started? Book your appointment with Adventure Orthodontics by clicking the link above or by calling 281-353-5556.

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