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4 Ways To Prevent Gum Disease With Braces

Keeping your teeth and gums clean requires diligent oral care —and it's an even bigger challenge if you wear braces. The brackets or metal wires of this orthodontic treatment often trap food, which eventually...

February 15th, 2024

5 Benefits Of Interceptive Orthodontics For Children’s Dental Health

Interceptive orthodontics is like giving your child's smile a roadmap for success. Consider it as the dental GPS for your child's smile, setting the course early on, so there are fewer twists and turns down the...

January 30th, 2024

8 Design Components Of A Perfect Smile

Some people are naturally blessed with a perfect smile; some have to work for it. Although every smile is beautiful as it brightens up your face, does it live up to the standard definition of an ideal smile? Th...

January 15th, 2024

Is Invisalign Effective For Deep Bite Correction?

Deep bites are poor upper and lower jaw placement when a mouth is closed. Before the Invisalign treatment starts, your dentist takes a 3D scan of your teeth to craft a customized impression. So, your teeth fall...

December 30th, 2023

Non-Surgical Procedures For Under Bite Correction

The field of orthodontics is only growing in terms of technology. There are hardly any issues left that require surgical intervention. Nobody likes the idea of going through severe pain from a broken jaw and ha...

December 15th, 2023

Light Force Braces Vs Metal Braces In Orthodontics: Which Ones You Need

Light-force braces are a highly customizable option. Unlike other traditional braces, they provide orthodontists with great control and flexibility they have never experienced. Metal braces are pre-made, while ...

November 30th, 2023

Rise of MARPE: Revolutionizing Traditional Orthodontics

Micro implant-assisted rapid palatal expansion, also known as MARPE, is another revolution in the orthodontics industry. It is a non-invasive method for jaw expansion to not only leave you with a dazzling smile...

November 15th, 2023

The Implication of Advanced Technology in Digital Smile Design

The dental sector is constantly evolving through innovation in techniques and technology. Digital Smile Design technologies have changed dentists' approach to aesthetic dental treatments. What is Digital Smile...

October 30th, 2023

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing while you sleep. This can be caused by a blockage in your airway (known as obstructive sleep apnea) or because your brain is not adequately controlling your b...

October 15th, 2023

How To Relieve Muscle Spasms In The Jaw?

Muscle spasm or lockjaw is painful and uncomfortable contractions of the upper and lower jaws. This restrains the opening of the mouth widely which is less than 35mm. What Causes Spasms Of Jaw Muscles? Spams ...

September 30th, 2023
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