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Orthodontics isn’t just for teens! Adults with crooked teeth have plenty of options, too. These range from traditional metal braces to newer, more subtle approaches. In this article, we’ll go over the most common straightening options so you can make the best choice for your smile.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional way to straighten teeth. Braces use a series of metal brackets and wires to gradually shift the position of the teeth. Not only are they effective, but they are usually also the most affordable option. There are plenty of adults who wear traditional braces! However, some adults with crooked teeth prefer a more subtle straightening option.

Clear Aligners

When it comes to subtle orthodontics, Invisalign is the most popular treatment option. Invisalign patients straighten their teeth by wearing a series of clear aligners. These aligners also gradually shift the teeth, just like braces. However, they use clear materials that blend into the natural look of the teeth. Most people won’t even be able to tell you are wearing them! While Invisalign is the most well-known option, there are other types of clear aligners, too.

Ceramic Braces

Not sure about metal braces or clear aligners? Ceramic braces are often seen as the best of both worlds. These braces work in the same way as traditional braces, but they use ceramic brackets that have a similar color to teeth. While they are not quite as subtle as aligners, they are certainly less noticeable than traditional brackets. They are a popular option for both teens and also adults.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Some adults with crooked teeth choose to straighten them with cosmetic dentistry. Certain procedures, such as dental veneers and ceramic bonding, can create the look of straighter teeth without braces or aligners. But of course, this is only a cosmetic fix. To truly change the alignment of your teeth, you will need orthodontics.

Start With a Consultation

Not sure which straightening option is right for you? Book an orthodontic consultation. During this appointment, an orthodontist will analyze your smile and help you choose a treatment based on your dental goals. Ready to get started? Call Adventure Orthodontics today!

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