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Are you adjusting to caring for the braces you got this summer? Have you had braces for years but struggle to care for them during the school year? If either of these sound familiar or even if you’re considering orthodontics in the future, this blog can help!

Maybe you’ve heard the adage, “No goal set, No goal met.” The general idea behind the saying is that we need goals to achieve our plans! So, do you have a back to school plan to protect your smile and your braces? If not that’s okay. You still have time to set a plan for back to school ortho care.

Anytime we leave our homes and go out into the world, maintaining good habits can be hard. How can you protect your smile and have a good school year with ortho? Read on for some practical advice from Dr. Bar:

1. Keep Your Tools with You!

Tools? For braces? Yes! Bring your toothbrush, extra rubber bands (if you’re wearing bands for treatment), and retainer case with you! There is nothing worse than getting home from school to find food stuck in your braces. Brush after lunch and save yourself from lettuce teeth embarrassment! Need extra bands? Let us know and we can get you all set.

2. Hydration is Key!

If the idea of a tool kit for your braces is more than your backpack can bare, no problem, there is something you can do to help your teeth that’s almost a good! It is best if you can brush after you eat but if not, a drink of water is key. Drinking water rinses away food particles stuck between your braces and promotes a healthier mouth.

Are You Ready for Back to School?

3. Snack Safely

You get as much out of your treatment as you put into it. As tasty as sticky, chewy snacks can be, they increase your risk for breakage and discomfort. Enjoy crunchy fruits and veggies cut into smaller pieces and pick braces friendly treats!

With a great plan, you’ll have a great smile in no time! Looking for more tips for a successful Back to School? Call Adventure Orthodontics today!

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