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While braces significantly improve your dental malocclusion, the pain they cause is not exactly easy to manage. The pain and discomfort dissipate after you get familiar with the feeling of wearing braces. But the discomfort is so unbearable, especially if you have low pain tolerance, that one resorts to asking,’ How to stop braces pain immediately?’

How Long Does Braces Pain Last?

It is not uncommon to feel discomfort right after your orthodontist places the braces. However, the braces pain vanishes within four days to a week.

If your braces pain becomes worse or does not go away, consider visiting your dental specialist.

Ways to Stop Braces Pain Immediately

Here are some ways you can stop braces pain immediately at home:

  1. Oral Anesthetics: You can get rid of braces pain immediately after rubbing an oral anesthetic on sensitive teeth and gums. Since they desensitize the area they are applied to, you will not have to bear the discomfort that comes when your teeth shift. Use your hands or a cotton swab to apply it.
  2. OTC Pain Medications: After consulting your dentist, you can take over-the-counter pain medications an hour before the appointment. This way, you won’t have to squirm in pain during the application as well as after the braces are applied. However, do not make a habit of taking them consistently and follow the dosage instructions.
  3. Ice Pack: With cold temperatures, your mouth will feel numb, and the inflammation will decrease. Therefore, take an ice pack and apply it outside to your mouth. A few seconds later, you can feel the pain alleviating.
  4. Soft Foods: If you had traditional wire braces placed, they come with many restrictions. Thus, eating hard or chewy foods is out of the question. In addition, crunchy foods do not ease the pain either. The best option is to stick to soft foods and your dentist’s recommendations to stop braces pain immediately.
  5. Warm Rinses: Sometimes, cuts and sores may appear after the process of attaching braces to the teeth. While cold water sure decreases inflammation, warm rinses show significant improvements as well. This is especially effective if you opt for lukewarm salt water rinses, as they can help heal the cuts and sores as well.
  6. Gum Massage: When any part of your body is in pain, a massage can do wonders. The same is the case with gum massages; rub your gums using your fingers. Make sure your fingers are clean before the procedure, and gently make circular motions. You can also use ice to rub your gums prior to massaging them; it can show remarkable improvement and is an effective way to stop braces pain immediately.
  7. Good Dental Hygiene: If your dental hygiene is not good, oral health and discomfort will be your constant companion. Learn how to properly brush your teeth along with braces and incorporate them into your daily routine, along with the correct flossing techniques. By keeping your mouth sparkly clean, you can ward off tooth decay as well as inflamed gums. Furthermore, clean your braces on a regular basis since it lodges food particles, which leads to dental issues.

What’s the Takeaway?

Braces can cause pain that lasts for around 4 days. Some people have a lower pain tolerance and wonder how to get rid of braces pain immediately. For the best remedies, talk to the friendly team at Adventure Orthodontics now. Just dial (281) 353-5556 and allow us to guide you. You can also visit us at 17718 Kuykendahl, Spring, Texas 77379, for effective procedures!

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