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Keeping your teeth and gums clean requires diligent oral care —and it’s an even bigger challenge if you wear braces. The brackets or metal wires of this orthodontic treatment often trap food, which eventually causes increased plaque formation. Moreover, it can be difficult to clean teeth with braces. So, it does not come as a surprise that a fair percentage of people wearing braces have an increased risk of gum disease.

However, this shall not stop you from getting the perfect smile you have always wanted. While it may be tough to prevent gum disease while wearing braces, it is not impossible. We’ll list the best ways to minimize the risk of periodontal disease while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

What Are The Causes of Gum Disease?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a chronic condition that affects the supportive foundation of your teeth, including gums, periodontal tissues, and jawbone. Although there are different causes of this condition, it mostly occurs due to a lack of proper oral hygiene.

When plaque or tartar accumulates on the tooth surfaces, it provides an ideal habitat for harmful oral bacteria. These bacteria may trigger inflammation of the gums over time. As a result, you may notice redness of the gums, swelling, or frequent gum bleeding.

This risk of gum disease is even higher in patients who wear braces. This is because food particles often remain entrapped between brackets or wires, causing increased plaque formation. With proper care and oral hygiene maintenance, you can maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Tips To Prevent Gum Disease With Braces

The best way to prevent the risk of gum disease with braces is to practice good oral habits. Even though braces complicate oral hygiene, it is possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums with these helpful practices.

  • Keep a diligent oral care routine: Although it can be more difficult, do not skip routine brushing and flossing. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the areas around the brackets and near the gumline. You may also use an orthodontic brush if you have trouble cleaning the areas between the brackets and wires.
  • Use a water irrigator: Cleaning your teeth with regular dental floss can be tough for those who wear braces. Instead, you can opt for a water irrigator. It is a special device that releases a thin stream of pressurized water, helping to clean and rinse the areas between teeth.
  • Add a mouthwash to your oral care regime: Using an antibacterial mouthwash can greatly help reduce the risk of plaque formation and gum disease. It can reach even the most hidden areas and kill bacteria that may cause gum inflammation.
  • Keep up with your scheduled appointments: In addition to practicing at-home oral care, you should also follow the schedule of your orthodontic visits. During these visits, your dentist will address any issues that may risk your oral health.


While it is possible to develop gum disease with braces, you can avoid the risk by practicing proper oral hygiene. If you would like to have more helpful information on oral care with braces, consult with our dental professionals at Adventure Orthodontics. Call us at (281) 353-5556 to schedule a visit.

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